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Renovate Detroit


DSCF4092My current project involves seeing through the facade of years of neglect and destructive forces to see the potential in the old houses of Brush Street. Detroit as a people need to have this sight to look within and without to see the beauty and take action to improve the city as it was in its glory days.


I will be doing a renovate on paper and see how it turns out. I am basing my drawings on the basic characteristics of the house I am researching, trying to visualize how it may have been or perhaps could be with some work.

As close as I can tell, this seems to be architecture in the style of Queen Anne stick, however, that opinion may change as I progress.


Starting the watercolor….

From winter into summer

From winter into summer



7 Responses to “Renovate Detroit”

  1. earacceb said


  2. Hi Diane,
    I love the Queen Anne Stick (I looked it up on google – I couldn’t find a different spelling of “stick”. Lovely watercolor and I like the idea of creating what you think it could have been or just creating a style unique to your own unique artistic ability.

    • dianekb said

      Thank you for your comment. People were asking if I had a blog, so I’m trying to buck up and join the 21st century and all that. Enjoy your company tomorrow!

  3. earacceb said

    The finished product looks good! You should post a larger version so the details are easier to see.

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